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Les @lesgreys.eth · 5h
Went from not being able to write a single line of code in months to creating my first Farcaster bot in ~8hrs of work.

All because I decided to become a full-time stay at home dad. The mental clarity created post being with kids makes coding such a simple task.
Vadim Filimonov @fffilimonov · 21d
We've launched first version of spacescast.xyz!

- voice chat like Xitter spaces
- only Farcaster users can join as speakers (auth and profiles via Farcaster
- share screen
- decentralized infra
- cast to invite friends
- POAP NFT for speakers (soon)
Fateme @fateme7360 · 1mo
replying to @arvin
ممنون بله اگه لطف کنید🙏
Arvin @arvin · 1mo
replying to @fateme7360

خدمت شما ، دپست داشتید مد اینوایت من هم بزنید ممنون میشم و هزار امتیاز هم شما میگرید
Adrienne @adrienne · 5h
Wake up babe farcaster analytics are now on dune

Don’t know why farcastHER isn’t the most popular channel but I’m sure its only a temporary bug 🙃

Great work @pixel

Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 12h
We shared on today's dev call, but assuming everything continues to go well, our target for 100% permissionless Farcaster is <2 weeks.
Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 4h
Looking for honest feedback—no need to sugarcoat.

What's one thing that would make the Farcaster protocol better for you?
Arvin @arvin · 1mo
جواب کوییز امروز over wallet

genesis block
Test @mm-fc-genesis · 1mo
This is a cast
Alex Grover @alexgrover.eth · 2d
Continuing to iterate on prints.cool - FT for NFTs

Mint early, make money 💰

the park @thepark · 2h
something special for purple coming next week ⌐◨-◨ @fabiolaio.eth ⌐◨-◨ highland park sleep collective annnndd inline cast image
0xen @0xen · 2h
Farcaster / Meta partnership confirmed inline cast image
Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 1d
If you're a founder working on a startup full-time (doesn't have to be crypto):

1. Name
2. If public, link to the website
3. Bootstrapped or angel/venture backed
4. Tag co-founders if they're on FC (happy to give invite if not)
Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 4h
Coinbase shipping BitMEX but not sketchy is way underrated. A decade in the making.

frdysk @fufuprophet.eth · 3h
replying to @nonlinear.eth
What's the logic behind mm/dd/yy instead of dd/mm/yy
Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 12h
What 100% permissionless Farcaster means specifically:

- Ability to sign up directly interfacing with the contracts on OP Mainnet

- Users have freedom to use a client of their choice

- Developers have full access to data / APIs / global state via Hubs

- Zero dependencies on Warpcast
Hosein778 @asiablockchain.eth · 1mo
replying to @arvin
Arvin @arvin · 1mo
فدات دادا
Guy @guy · 5h
We're excited to announce the Nakamoto Challenge, a series of open problems and hard questions that serve as essential tech tree unlocks for the future of crypto.

Read more!

Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 4h
Coinbase shipping BitMEX but not sketchy is way underrated. A decade in the making.

Dan Romero @dwr.eth · 4h
replying to @dwr.eth
Ex-US crypto derivatives trading volumes have been orders of magnitude greater than spot.

Perp swaps have the best product market fit in crypto after Bitcoin and Etheruem.
Karo K @serendipity · 15h
At a female founders and operators event this AM, I was pleasantly surprised to see @veronicaburon who I met at the last community led Farcaster event in NYC!

It was exciting to see many others had already heard about Farcaster and were eager to learn more about farcastHER. Do we have a mission statement?
dustmrtn @dustmrtn.eth · 16d
Zohaib Ali @fractalqualia · 3mo
Went on an amazing hike two weeks ago and it's still on my mind. 🌲 🌲 inline cast image
welter.eth @fun · 1d
test post from farsnap.xyz inline cast image
July @july · 4h
replying to @yesyes
Agreed I am not like those Greek PFP guys at all inline cast image
Bias 🫧 @bias · 4h
replying to @july
It’s the Roman ones that have the growers right? And the Greek ones that have the show-ers?
phil @phil · 3h
During a recent interview with @erik, Ben Horowitz shared a framework for governance at a16z: "shared economics with centralized control."

This is a key failing of DAOs, and a problem we'll need to solve if we want to massively expand the number of productive onchain organizations.

TKN: Token Name Service | 10^11 @tkn · 1d
replying to @tkn
TKN runs on top of ENS, where each ticker is a subdomain of tkn.eth.

For example: the data for $LINK can be found onchain in the resolver contract for link.tkn.eth. Thus TKN inherits the lindyness, security, app integrations, and tooling of ENS.

$LINK data can be seen at tkn.xyz/link and app.ens.domains/link.tkn.eth inline cast imagehttp://tkn.xyz/link
TKN: Token Name Service | 10^11 @tkn · 1d
replying to @tkn
The ticker symbol is a unique and exciting primitive. Due to the trustful nature of traditional finance, tickers were never able to reach their full potential as the TCP/IP of value.

A ticker protocol can bring all of the world's assets together into a single global namespace, and unlock a true golden age of growth. inline cast image
Nicholas Charriere @pushix · 5h
No fucking way inline cast image
56 @56 · 1mo
GM everyone inline cast image
Mr. Metals @mistermetals · 2d
Why are all DJ-based software so shitty compared to software for the producer use case?

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