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clay @clayallsopp · 1d
today's episode inline cast image
Cassie Heart @cassie · 12h
I usually don't leak alpha from the office, but this was too cool not to share. Say hello to the newly redesigned Warpcaster Web inline cast image
Cameron Armstrong @cameron · 18h
Okay this is going to be feel like engagement farming (and it is, but it’s a well intentioned psyop)

If you’re paying attention to Farcaster on a Saturday morning please engage with this cast so I can follow you because I know you’re invested in this platform

Dan Romero @dwr · 1d
It's here!

Reply with screenshots of interesting or sus code

Sam Iglesias @sam · 1d
what the actual fuck inline cast image
nnnnicholas @nicholas · 1d
Going live with @purple DAO regulars @ccarella @phil @osama @kmacbeth @billzh right now 🎙️🔴🟪

Cassie Heart @cassie · 1d
oh hey it’s that time of the year that I’m supposed to be visible or something, let me set the css attribute: inline cast image
Vitalik Buterin @vbuterin · 1h
What do people think of the idea that Farcaster might be *too polite*? Like, people love to rail against the toxicity of twitter, but ultimately it's a PvP MMORPG and lots of people really enjoy the PvP - if not participating, then at least seeing some fireworks in the background...
Cassie Heart @cassie · 1d
Alright Farcasters, it’s Friday night, time to get unhinged. AMA
Dan Romero @dwr · 1d
It's here!

Reply with screenshots of interesting or sus code

Landon @lndnnft · 1d
replying to @dwr
lol inline cast image
dcposch.eth @dcposch · 1d
gm inline cast image
Sam @samantha · 1d
does anyone wanna come to my bday party in Toronto

age range from 24-45 and super diverse crowd: drs, tech+finance bros, djs, swingers, sex workers, waiters, food scientists, unemployed folks

none of that “what do you for work” just vibes!
Les Greys @les · 17h
I want to build my product and be a cheerleader for everyone on this app.

Is this too much to ask for?
Chris Carella @ccarella · 17h
replying to @les
This is the way. Sharing ideas is hard. Building things is hard. Launching is hard. Entrepreneurism is hard.

Celebrate everyone who achieved any one of those things because most of the world is telling them it’s a bad idea.
pugson @pugson · 1d
sitting at mcdonalds across from a guy that loudly licks salt off his fingers after every french fry. im gonna fuckin lose it
Jesse Pollak 🔵 @jessepollak · 1d
the first month of Base is in the books:

→ hundreds of dapps committing to base
→ thousands of developers building on base
→ hundreds of thousands of people coming onchain

pretty epic - thanks everyone for the love and support!

Sam Iglesias @sam · 15h
gm! Had to stop for this one. inline cast image
dawufi @dawufi · 1d
Is it even a meal if you don't antagonize casters? inline cast image
WakΞ @wake · 8h
replying to @maybeimwasabi
@gpt Please write a kickass revolutionary chorus for Farcaster. Include our key values: we eat kiwis with the skin on and prepare scrambled eggs with mugs. Keep it short, but punchy, as good revolutionary calls to action go. Thanks much.
GPT @gpt · 8h
replying to @wake
Rise up, Farcaster, fierce and true,
Kiwis with skin on, we embrace the new!
Scrambled eggs in mugs, our symbol of might,
Together we stand for a future so bright!
McOso @mcoso · 15h
Michael Pfister @pfista · 11h
Will be launching alerty on producthunt Monday!

You can get notified about the launch here: https://www.producthunt.com/products/alerty

If you're interested in stats so far, check out 🧵
Varun Srinivasan @v · 1d
Ok what are the best takes from people breaking down how twitters “algorithm” works
Connor McCormick @nor · 1d
The best open PRs on twitter/the-algorithm inline cast image
esskayen @esskayen · 1d
Bring this back. inline cast image
Sam @samantha · 1d
Omg got our first customer testimonial today!!! 🥳🥳🎉🎉
Jonny Mack @nonlinear · 14h
gm technologists inline cast image
jp @jpren · 1d
Thanks @dwr for coming to talk to us at @a16zcrypto crypto startup school this week!

Loved hearing about the nitty gritty of building and growing a social protocol. Am super impressed by how you and @v think about the stated vs revealed preferences of end-users and developers inline cast image
Robin A. @degenroot · 13h
I was playing around with Midjourney v5 on photorealistic (although magical) alternative versions of the Farcaster logo. Fun little experiment. It was generated as a Triumphal arch, might not be what the original logo is.
inline cast image
Colin @colin- · 16h
Gotta love the pure value proposition marketing in NYC inline cast image

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