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Vitalik Buterin @vbuterin 1h
About to speak at mevconomics wtf in a few min!

Listen at http://ethglobal.tv
Varun Srinivasan @v 3h
馃敟 Hub Update 馃敟

We have a Hub testnet running with a full copy of all data! There are a few errant memory leaks and cpu issues we鈥檙e tracking down.

Apps will be able to write directly to Hubs as early as this weekend, or pessimistically by next week.
Dan Romero @dwr 37m
Small feature: get notified in-app when someone you invited sign ups and a nudge to welcome them

inline cast image
Varun Srinivasan @v 2h
Happy Friday!

Share your favorite food abominations below inline cast image
stipe @stipe 2h
welcome to the Mobile3 era

0xen 馃崌 @0xen 3h
GM inline cast image
Greg Younger @gregyounger 2h
Another Write3 Podcast in the books!

This week, I was joined by @colin from Paragraph.

We discussed web3 newsletters.

I especially loved Colin's comments around interoperability and its importance to the web3 landscape.

Listen & subscribe here:

Cameron Armstrong @cameron 5h
unbothered. moisturized. happy. in my lane. focused. flourishing. inline cast image
Li Jin @li 4h
We鈥檙e excited to announce the inaugural Variant Founder Fellowship: a three-month cohort-based program for web3 founders at the earliest stages of their journey.

I'll be here doing an AMA about the program from 12-1pm ET! Leave any questions below!

Colin Armstrong @colin 2h
The often short-lived growth that comes from increased product usage due to token speculation shouldn鈥檛 be confused with pmf
Jayme Hoffman @jayme 3h
Screenshot Essay: Why Web3 Social Matters?

tl;dr it matters for builders inline cast image
Jonny Mack @nonlinear 5h
gm web3 builders inline cast image
0xen 馃崌 @0xen 3h
me and my friends hanging out of Farcaster

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WebOfTrust鉁煍粹湪 @weboftrust 2h
You guys need to stop fruit this madness. inline cast image
Jason Goldberg @betashop 2h
working on smth, probably nothing

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Jason Goldberg @betashop 4h

we need a group effort to bump FC team out of top casts

it's overwhelming (& bad impression for newbies) for 9/10 of most engaged casts/day coming from FC team

if you 馃挏this platform as much as I do, take some time to engage with other great content creators on this app

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Hades @hades 3h
Happens inline cast image
Dan Romero @dwr 35m
dawufi @dawufi 1h
@cameron pronounces "@j4ck "

"At Jack".

There's no way I'm the only one who is flabbergasted. feels like fruit skin all over again

Time to choose sides:

1) I pronounce the @
2) I just say the username
Jason Goldberg @betashop 3h
I opened up 3 slots on my calendar next week to do free pitch reviews for FC pre-seed or seed stage startups -- let's help you get funded

You must have a prelim deck

I'll review it and provide feedback on a call
mk @mk 1h
Cylo @cylo 1h
I quit my job today. Focusing all my attention on Building Something New (TM).

New chapters are very exciting and a little scary.

On another note - anyone in the EdTech space?
rish @rish 1h
a few different perspectives inline cast image
osama @osama 2h
馃尪锔 take:

everything we built in crypto over past 5-7years was one big prototype exploring possible. don鈥檛 let tvls and apys deceive you. now, it鈥檚 time to build the mvp
borodutch 馃崒 @borodutch 1h
gm 馃毦

thank god it's friday! inline cast image
Varun Srinivasan @v 3h
replying to @v
Top of mind for us is making the right tradeoff between speed and reliability.

We're choosing speed, because reaching credible neutrality and eliminating reliance on Warpcast is the most important thing for the health of the Farcaster protocol.
Varun Srinivasan @v 3h
replying to @v
@pfh @sds @adityapk @cassie and @deodad have been shipping like crazy working late nights and weekends to get this out.

They've managed to accomplish an incredible amount in the span of a few months, and their velocity in the last few weeks has been (literally) off the charts. inline cast image
mhaas.eth @markus 5h
We just added Base Testnet support to the ethOS system-wallet. Coming soon鈩 to an OTA update near you

cc @jessepollak
0xen 馃崌 @0xen 3h
me and my friends hanging out of Farcaster

inline cast image
0xen 馃崌 @0xen 3h
replying to @0xen
me and the Farcaster gang discussing whether Bitcoin is going to 1 million dollars in 90 days:

inline cast image
tim 馃 @timdaub 1h
Tax loss harvesting giga chad edition (and this doesn鈥榯 include digital receipts yet obviously) inline cast image

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