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Jonny Mack @nonlinear.eth 3h
(so sorry) inline cast image
Les @lesgreys.eth 43m
Went from not being able to write a single line of code in months to creating my first Farcaster bot in ~8hrs of work.

All because I decided to become a full-time stay at home dad. The mental clarity created post being with kids makes coding such a simple task.
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 7h
We shared on today's dev call, but assuming everything continues to go well, our target for 100% permissionless Farcaster is <2 weeks.
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 6h
What 100% permissionless Farcaster means specifically:

- Ability to sign up directly interfacing with the contracts on OP Mainnet

- Users have freedom to use a client of their choice

- Developers have full access to data / APIs / global state via Hubs

- Zero dependencies on Warpcast
馃 Ma帽ana Unlimited 馃尮 @zachharris 2h
replying to @zachharris
@web3pm @j4ck.eth at last 馃馃ザ鉂勶笍 inline cast image
馃 Ma帽ana Unlimited 馃尮 @zachharris 2h
replying to @zachharris
Phygital onboarding happening now鈥 inline cast image
Vadim Filimonov @fffilimonov 21d
We've launched first version of spacescast.xyz!

- voice chat like Xitter spaces
- only Farcaster users can join as speakers (auth and profiles via Farcaster
- share screen
- decentralized infra
- cast to invite friends
- POAP NFT for speakers (soon)
caz.eth @caz.eth 20h
Why don鈥檛 we build a global system for instant p2p payments? Seems like we have everything we need:

- Transactions on L2s are cheap and fast
- Account abstraction wallets are easy for anyone to use
- Stablecoins offer low volatility
Karthik Senthil @karthiksenthil 3h
replying to @caz.eth
The hardest part isnt the tech

Its the distribution (eg last mile and vendor adoption)
Fateme @fateme7360 1mo
replying to @arvin
賲賲賳賵賳 亘賱賴 丕诏賴 賱胤賮 讴賳蹖丿馃檹
Arvin @arvin 1mo
replying to @fateme7360

禺丿賲鬲 卮賲丕 貙 丿倬爻鬲 丿丕卮鬲蹖丿 賲丿 丕蹖賳賵丕蹖鬲 賲賳 賴賲 亘夭賳蹖丿 賲賲賳賵賳 賲蹖卮賲 賵 賴夭丕乇 丕賲鬲蹖丕夭 賴賲 卮賲丕 賲蹖诏乇蹖丿
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 1d
If you're a founder working on a startup full-time (doesn't have to be crypto):

1. Name
2. If public, link to the website
3. Bootstrapped or angel/venture backed
4. Tag co-founders if they're on FC (happy to give invite if not)
jango.eth @jango 2h
Post-corporate organizational models, or bust.
Karo K @serendipity 1h
LIVE now on @unlonely playing board games with @christopher and @ispeaknerd.eth

Feel free to watch us or join!!
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 8h
Cool to see Farcaster data now on Dune. h/t to @pixel for the dashboard and @neynar for partnering with Dune for Hub data

drew fagin 馃寠 @drews.eth 1h
idea: farcaster client inspired by phpbb forums, just to make silly forum signatures again inline cast imageinline cast image
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 9h
New feature on Warpcast mobile

Account recovery

Farcaster accounts now have the ability to be recovered. Our best estimate is 10-15% of all Farcaster users in the beta lost their recovery phrase.

If you know someone who lost their recovery phrase:

Open the app > Login > I lost my recovery phrase to get started inline cast image
Arvin @arvin 1mo
噩賵丕亘 讴賵蹖蹖夭 丕賲乇賵夭 over wallet

genesis block
Test @mm-fc-genesis 1mo
This is a cast
Venkatesh Rao 鈽锔 @vgr 1h
I feel like buying something random and fun in the $10-25 range. Preferably from Amazon. Any suggestions?

Also how is there not a shopping channel here?
Venkatesh Rao 鈽锔 @vgr 3h
Looks like I鈥檓 going to go to Istanbul in November after all. DevConnect with a side of blue mosque, hagia Sofia, salt bae etc. Most looking forward to the street coffee

Mildly excited. Will be my first time in turkic cultural zone.
Alex Palmer @thatalexpalmer.eth 2h
We stand on the shoulders of builders.
馃敶brian is live @briang 1h
4 streams happening rn
https://www.unlonely.app/ inline cast image
Alex Grover @alexgrover.eth 2d
Continuing to iterate on prints.cool - FT for NFTs

Mint early, make money 馃挵

markus @markus 5h
Just used a pooltogether ethOS app, and it was awesome 馃敟

@dwr.eth I have a dev I want to invite
usamaro @rad 2h
last time someone mentioned stablecoins on farcaster was 23 days ago.

this needs to change.
Dan Romero @dwr.eth 7h
If you're on the latest version of Warpcast mobile (might have to manually update from the App Store), you can now unpin Home and swap in Nouns as your default feed. inline cast image
Phil @philcockfield.eth 2h
Got my Quilibrium node running, because " @cassie " 馃挜
Dawn is upon us. 鉁婐煉 inline cast image
Noun 40 @noun40 1h
changed the name to "builder awards" from retro awards. also adjusted down the per quarter nouns awarded to 4 instead of 10.

I think establishing the new cultural norm of retro-ing nouns to our best prop builders is an important thing to nail down while we have high alignment here. inline cast image
Varun Srinivasan @v 6h
Recording from today's dev call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yHn9oQ2GE8

- Permissionless launch
- Storage pricing
- Login with Farcaster

....and many more topics
kugusha @kugusha.eth 8h
(and i refuse to delete them) inline cast image

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