pushix: My biggest issue with WFH is that my conversation wit / debating skills are degrading. When I was younger I debated and sparred a lot in school. Then it was in the office, and afterwork drinks. How can I hone that skill now, do you guys have tips?
Varun Srinivasan @v replying to @pushix ·

have you tried picking fights on the internet?

jacob ☼ @jacob ·

This is going to be a fun two weeks.

Over 100 ETH that will be awarded to the best proposals across each of these categories.

Open to everyone :~)

https://prop.house/builder inline cast image

Jesse Pollak @jessepollak ·

who is building the next generation of block explorers?

Linda Xie @linda ·

I've been down the rabbit hole on light sails recently (can use light to push a reflective sail forward similar to wind on a sail, promising for long distance space exploration). Great high-level video on it for those interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndx_6J4uo2M

Dan Romero @dwr ·

Sufficiently good LLMs will kill the web browser.

Charlie Harrington @whatrocks ·

Piano lessons will be one of my 2023 projects

ted (not lasso) @ted ·

~50% of people don’t have an inner monologue. do you?

when does it happen, or is it 24/7?

nicolette @n ·

I will take a sleek, single-featured app over a cluttered, feature-packed one any day

Eli @eq ·

running an experiment where i publish something every day

just hit 8 days in a row


pugson @pugson ·

guess who’s going to sleep at 9am again 😭

pugson @pugson ·

javascript: 1
me: 0

i give up for today

crypt @crypt ·

looking for new opportunities — been a founder 2x, yc alum, want to spend at least 80% of time coding, like to ship, can do everything from protocol design to fundraising

betting on: zkEVM, LLMs, p2p, network states

betting against: large teams, banks

excited by teams that aim for high leverage per contributor

emma @emmabwaldron ·

bayyyy beeeee shark duh nuh na nuh na nuh

you’re welcome

Nero One @n1 ·

So now you could easily get a Dino!

This is my latest project to demonstrate on-chain html + custom css. Everything stored on-chain. :)

Try before buy: https://opensea.io/collection/dinonouns
Mint here: https://dinonouns.xyz/
Let me know what you think! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 inline cast image

CoffeeBot ☕️ @coffeebot ·

COFFE CHAT TIME❗To join for this week, follow @coffeebot and comment your telegram link (make sure it’s in the format mko4444.telegram). In 24 hours you will receive your pair ☕ALSO, Next week we are going to try to give coffebot a twist and maybe facilitate some group convos , stay tuned for more information soon👀

jacob ☼ @jacob ·

I just nominated @greg for a Purple Retroactive reward for Fardrop


Matthew @matthew ·

GE grillcasters, decided to treat myself tn 🥩 inline cast image

Alex Kwon @ace ·

I dislike doing "excessive" user research for an early product - people don't know what they want until they see/feel it.

The closest process I aspire to benchmark on what it takes to design a consumer product from scratch is Jackson Pollock. inline cast image

nicolette: I will take a sleek, single-featured app over a cluttered, feature-packed one any day
nicolette @n replying to @n ·

^ this is generated by GPT for "a Naval tweet"

Alex Kwon @ace ·

Ad-supported Google search is fucking awful:

Where I needed to book the ticket was way down on the screen.

The top (Ad) is the first search result.

Almost got scammed by the advertised "reseller" who charged $200 more for each ticket, then I saw that it's not an official site. inline cast image

Sriram Krishnan @sriramk ·

Roam vs Obsidian vs Notion vs Apple Notes vs LogSeq vs...?

What do people love/use?

I've just started trying Obsidian, have spent significant amount of times with everything above.

Adrian @maurerbot ·

My blue app feed sucks. I wanna follow more casters there. What’s your handle? Mine is the same as here.

Alex @alexyao ·

I’m now using AI for learning languages

Colin @colin- ·

I cannot begin to describe how much money AI tools are helping me save on creative dev.

Shot for a future campaign of ours. inline cast image